Red Bull Mindgamers

Various game design projects for Red Bull Mindgamers, including:

  • A series of puzzles designed to fit on coasters. Players would solve these as part of a group activity in bars and restaurants, using a Red Bull can as a prop. The games had a wide range, from escape room like puzzles relying on clever uses of props, to light party games, using the environment to provide constraints for play.
  • Designing a video escape room puzzle for the Escape Room World Championships. Players used a video alongside the Mindgamers website to solve a series of puzzles and “hack” into the mainframe of White Hat Laboratories. This project involved a mix of sequential puzzle design and storytelling, fitting into the story designed for the World Championships.
  • Site-specific puzzles for events and social media. This included puzzles designed to be played at certain events, such as the Rubiks Cube World Championships, using a Rubiks Cube to solve; as well as around a theme for social media.