This world is shaped by the Remnants – titans tall as mountains, long as valleys. Each a concept given form, they alter everything in their image.

We are the people who live in their landscapes, build our homes in their shadows and footsteps. We tell our stories, ever shadowed by indifferent gods.

Studio: furtive shambles (self-employed director)

Form: tabletop roleplaying game

What I did: Designed, playtested and wrote a tabletop roleplaying game. Successfully crowdfunded the game on Indiegogo, creating and managing the campaign, raising ~£24,500 from more than 600 backers. Designed the game’s systems over several editions, running playtest campaigns for feedback. Wrote the game’s core book of 240 pages, including systems explanations and lore, managing guest art and writing contributions.

Team size: two core members, multiple freelance editors, writers and artists

Tools: Adobe/Affinity publishing tools, scrivener, Google Docs

Website | Crowdfunding | itch.io

Ryne is a tabletop roleplaying game of community and connection, set in a world shaped by broken god-titans. Inspired by Earthsea, Shadow of the Colossus and Princess Mononoke you play as people dealing with a world bigger and stranger than themselves. You might tell the story of a caravan fleeing a titan’s destructive wake, of a fighter and their ward fleeing a usurper’s clutches or of priests and scholars setting aside differences to heal a failing Remnant.

Ryne was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo, raising more than £24,000 from more than 600 backers. I am one of the game’s co-designers, having created and tested the games rules, writing its rulebook and lore, and helping to layout the playkit and final game. With my co-designer, I ran the game’s crowdfunding campaign including planning its budget, commissioning artists, advertising the game and appearing on streams and podcasts to share the game.

Key Responsibilities

Designed and developed the game over five years, initially for an actual play podcast but later adapted for a wider audience.

Writing and editing the game’s 240 page rulebook, including everything from technical rules explanations, play guides, worldbuilding and short stories.

I collaborated with the game’s co-designer, Thryn Henderson, on creative direction for the project, design, editing, layout and production, and marketing.

Ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, raising ~£24,500 with more than 600 backers.

Planned the crowdfunding campaign, including creating the campaign page and marketing assets, as well as planning reward tiers.

Marketed the game across social media, podcast and streaming appearances, and shows like Dragonmeet and Feral Vector.


Key Art