Business Year

Twice we have tried to summon the Angel Investor, twice we have failed.

First, we formed roaming bands called startups. We did the will of the Keystakeholders, we hunted for clues about the ritual. Then, at the allotted time we performed it. We chanted for the Angel Investor to come, but they did not appear.

We believed it was because we were too divided.

Business Year was a live-action roleplaying game, designed and run at Feral Vector. Players roleplayed as members of a post-apocalyptic society, aiming to perform a ritual to restore the world. It run over three years, each time for between 50 and 100 people.

I lead on the design of the game and world, with collaboration from Nate Crowley and David Hayward. It was covered on Game Industry News:

“Feral Vector’s Business LARP is the real star of the show, with a new episode being played out in the woods each year. It’s a satirical take on the corporate world, wrapped in a surreal dystopian fantasy and it’s hilarious. As a freelancer charged with bizarre tasks in exchange for “exposure”, I jumped at the chance to join the underground green revolution, which ended with us meditating on nature, whilst the capitalists hollered and screamed in another part of the woods.”

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