Visit a beach with a friend and walk along it. While you are there you should each collect 5 stones, bits of glass or pieces of shell.

From now on when the other person does something that you appreciate—a piece of kindness, a trait of theirs that makes you smile, help that you are thankful for—give them a stone. Continue trading stones back and forth over time. If one player ever ends up with all ten stones you both lose.

fiftytwogames was a challenge to myself, to design and release one game each week through 2015. The games were often small, usually experimental and sometimes broken. It was an opportunity to practice my craft and work in different forms and modes of game design – including video games, game poems, storygames and card games. Some of the weeks included projects that were commissioned or released as full products.

Some highlights include:

Before the Snowy Peaks we Wept: a roleplaying game about finding a new home, commissioned for ME&R zine

Two Glass Eyes: a two-player game about pointing a gun at another human being

The Beach: a flickgame about a trip to a frozen beach

Speechless: an experimental twine game about composing a Facebook message for a dead friend

Dixitboom & Mysteriwolf: two hacks combining popular board games

Long games for two players: a collection of gamepoems 

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