Into the Flames

One day on the road and your feet are already starting to blister. You’re not used to this much walking. Until now your life had been lived away from the roads that snake the country. They brought you luxury – furs from a frozen north, fish from the coast, art from a continent away – but you rarely travelled on them, and, when you did, you sat in a cushioned carriage, walls between you and the land.

Into the Flames is a storytelling game about a haunted journey, specifically designed to be played in front of a campfire.

As a group, you tell the story of a pilgrimage along an accursed road. Each player takes on the role of one of the pilgrims and over time uncovers their reasons for travelling – whether hoping to find treasure, escape persecution or experience religious epiphany.

It’s designed to be played over 1-3 hours without a GM. The 38-page rulebook contains all of the instructions for play. The rules are designed to be read as a group, with a simple character generation to get you playing quickly.

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