StoryTrails Lincoln

“Hey you, a little help? I’m stuck up here on the wall, get me down would you?”

Client: StoryFutures

Form: AR

What I did: Created a mobile AR walking tour telling the story of a stonemason in Lincoln. Researched possible stories in Lincoln, pitching them to the wider production team. Edited audio-visual elements of trail using a mix of interview, scripted character segments and archive footage from the BFI. Created scans of trail locations and built 3D prototypes of stops. Tested the final trail and lead people around it during launch event.

Team size: Core team of myself, an editor and two overseeing producers, plus extended creative and development teams.

Tools: Unity, Scaniverse, Descript, Google Docs, Adobe Suite, Audio and Video editing software


A mobile AR storytrail where users would hear the story of the Lincoln imp and the stonemasons who made him, while travelling through their city. As the Creative Producer on the project, I researched and selected the story of Rachael Wragg, one of the Cathedral’s stonemasons, interviewing her to get her story. The trail blended elements of Rachael’s interview, historical archive footage from the BFI and original voice-acted material for a 3D animated Lincoln Imp. I worked across all elements of the project to find archive footage, write and edit dialogue, shape the trail, design the scenes and liase with the development team to create and test the trail.

The trail was run live for 3 days. During that time, I helped to lead the trail, introducing people to the story and how to use the devices. The trail is available for people as a self-guided tour, both onsite and remote, downloadable on mobile.

Key Responsibilities

Develop an AR walking trail telling an overlooked story from Lincoln, UK.

Research, pitched and created the overview for the story, mapping it to a 6-stop walking trail.

Created all of the content for the stops, which included a mix of interview and archive footage, real world scans and 3D assets.

Worked with the development team to implement the trail, communicating design intent through Unity prototypes.

Worked with the animation team to create 3D animation of the Lincoln imp, feeding in on design and animation requirements.

Scanned 3D environments, then tested the built scenes onsite.

Wrote the trails script in Descript, blending writing for a voice actor with video and audio assets. Created final AV output, blending final voice over with music.