The Skeleton

The skeleton lurks at the top of the mountain. A thrawn, midnight creature whose charcoal ribs burst from the Sleir’s peak. Through whispered clouds you can see its spindle bones skulking down the mountain’s sides, scoring wounds in its flank. No flesh has ever covered these bones, no blood ever flowed through its veins. It waits, hungry.

You grew up in the flats, your childhood was spent in its shadow. For as long as you can remember workers from the villages have gone up the mountain, to make their contribution to the skeleton. Now, it is your turn.

The Skeleton is a video game about community, nature and folklore. You play as a courier, chosen to deliver a letter to the worker’s at the top of the mountain – a message that will change the fate of the people who live in its shadow. Inspired by Nan Shepherd’s Living Mountain and Twisted Tree’s Proteus, it’s a game about detail and wonder – about peeling back the layers of history and myth that have settled on the landscape.

The Skeleton is a personal project, currently in production. It has been shown as part of EGX Rezzed’s Leftfield 2018.

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